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Our Vision.

5 Years Indoline Project services already serves the Construction, Drilling, Mining and Project Movement from to Any countryWe are working to build a better future every day

We help people feel good, look good and get more enjoy life with
our brand and services that are good for them and for others

We are a source of inspiration for people to do the little things every day who make a big difference for the world. Especially to make a comprehensive networking worldwide.

Our Solution.

Indoline Project survived to manage and developed a total project management with a Good quality services to get a secure Heavy Lift, Oversize cargo movement in one window services with a good conducted of services to make a win win solution for our customer needs, make them secure, sit to talk what they need, and especially to get an more lower cost

Our Services.

Indoline project Management Serve a total Management for Project movement as per below details :

1. Project Transport planing

2. Project transport Cost Calculating Services

3. Prime Mover / Multi Axle Transport for Heavy and over size/ length shipment

4. International project arrangement for Breakbulk shipment

5. LCT & Barge Rental as shipping Agent

6. Freight Project Cargo Arrangement

Voted best in Jakarta

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